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Congratulations on reserving your gown and scheduling upcoming alterations fittings! The gown fitting process holds significant importance as you prepare for your special day. To ensure you maximize your gown fitting session, here's a guide to help you for your fitting day.


Wear the Right Undergarments

To get the most accurate fit, it's essential to wear the appropriate undergarments during your gown fitting. Consider wearing a stick-on silicone bra or a strapless bra that provides support without visible straps. Opt for seamless underwear to avoid any lines showing through the gown. If your gown is sheer, you might want to wear safety shorts or nude-colored undergarments for added coverage.


Apply Makeup

Putting on some makeup before your fitting can help you visualize how you will look on your wedding day. It can also enhance your confidence and make the overall experience more enjoyable.


Bring Your Wedding Shoes

Bring along the pair of shoes you plan to wear on your actual wedding day. This will allow the seamstress to make any necessary length adjustments to your gown. Additionally, it gives you an opportunity to practice walking in your gown with the exact shoes you'll be wearing, ensuring comfort and ease of movement on your wedding day.


Bring Your Accessories

If you already have your wedding accessories, such as a veil, tiara, or jewelry, bring them along to your fitting. This will help you see how they complement the gown and make any necessary adjustments or styling decisions.


Take Reference Photos

During your fitting, take some photos of yourself in the gown from different angles. These photos will serve as a reference for any further alterations or modifications. They can also be cherished as a part of your wedding preparation journey, capturing the excitement and anticipation leading up to your special day.

Remember to communicate openly with the designer and seamstress about any concerns, preferences, or specific alterations you would like. They are there to help you achieve the perfect fit and ensure that you look and feel your best on your wedding day. Enjoy your gown journey!

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